Congratulations to the Sydney East athletes who competed at the 2022 NSW Combined High School Trampoline Championships. We would also like to acknowledge the support of the parents and grandparents who helped get our athletes to and from the competition as well as the coaches, judges and volunteers who helped make sure the competition ran smoothly.

Congratulations to the following athletes on their achievements:

Grace D. – 13 years girls

4th Double Mini

4th Single Mini

4th Tumbling

6th Trampoline

Stephen B. – 14 years boys

2nd Double Mini

2nd Single Mini

3rd Trampoline

Jensen H.  – 14 years boys

2nd Trampoline

3rd Tumbling

Joshua S.  – 15 years boys

2nd Double Mini

3rd Single Mini

3rd Trampoline

Athletes Stephen, Jensen and Grace in their Sydney East uniforms.