Time sure flies when you’re having fun! With almost a quarter of the year already gone, the 2021 Trampoline Gymnastics competition season is well under way.

This year, Miranda RSL Youth Club only has one athlete competing in the national stream, Deklyn Davis-Gardner. We are pleased to report that at State Trial 2, held this weekend at SGAC in Rooty Hill, Deklyn placed 4th on Double Mini Trampoline and placed 5th on Individual Trampoline in the NAT Level 5 Mens division. Deklyn’s Individual Trampoline score has also secured his spot on the State Team for the Australian Gymnastics Championships which will be held on the Gold Coast in May.

Congratulations Deklyn!

Yesterday, Gymnastics NSW and Gymnastics Australia announced the decision to cancel or postpone all events between now and July 1, 2020. This includes the Senior State Championships which were due to be held at the beginning of April and the Australian National Championships which would have been held during May in Melbourne. If you would like to read their statements, you may do so by following the links below.

Gymnastics NSW Statement – 17 March 2020

Gymnastics Australia statement regarding the 2020 Australian Championships

In light of this decision, we thought we would highlight the efforts of our only National Stream athlete this year, Deklyn D-G. 2020 was Deklyn’s first year in National Stream and he competed at both Trial events held earlier this year in the Nat5 group for under 13s. He had hoped to qualify for the State Team in Trampoline and Double Mini and attend Nationals. You can watch Deklyn’s Voluntary routine at the most recent Trial event below. Deklyn will now be re-focusing on skill development and set his sights on Nationals 2021.

Congratulations to our two athletes who competed at the Spring State Levels Championships over the past weekend. Both our competitors had very good competitions, Anastasia G. placed 3rd in level 6 Trampoline and Olivia T. placed 10th in the hotly contested level 4 Tumbling.

This concludes the 2018 Trampoline and Tumbling competition season. Our competitive athletes will now be looking to upgrade their routines in preparation for the 2019 season. You’ll be able to see our athletes in action at our December Display Day so make sure to keep an eye out on this page for more details, you won’t want to miss it!

Congratulations to our four athletes who competed in the State Levels Trial 1 over the weekend. Their results are listed below.


Anastasia G. – Level 6 (F) – 4th

Kyan P. – Level 4 (M) – 9th

Olivia T. – Level 4 (F) – 18th

Deklyn D-G. – Level 3 (M) – 9th


Double Mini Trampoline

Anastasia G. – Level 6 (F) – 4th

Olivia T. – Level 4 (F) – 19th

Deklyn D-G. – Level 3 (M) – 7th



Olivia T. – Level 4 (F) – 3rd


A special thank you to our volunteers who help make these events happen. Our athletes will now be turning their attention toward the Spring State Championships next month, we wish them all the best for their preparation.

Congratulations to our National Stream athletes who competed in the 2018 Senior State Championships. This competition was the final qualification event for those wishing to compete at the 2018 National Gymnastics Championships.

A special congratulations to Olivia T. who placed 6th on Tumbling in the U11 Women’s competition and Anastasia G. who placed 6th on Double Mini in the U15 Women’s competition.

Olivia (pictured below) will be representing the Youth Club as a member of the State Team at the National Championships which will be held in Melbourne later this year. She is one of only a handful of athletes on the 2018 State Team to qualify for Nationals across all three individual disciplines (Trampoline, Double Mini and Tumbling). Tully A. also qualified for Nationals but has declined to attend. Anastasia was unfortunately unable to qualify on either of her two events.


Congratulations to our National Stream athletes who competed in yesterday’s State Trial 2. It was a long day for all with the competition stretching over 10 straight hours so we would like to use this opportunity to say a special thank you to our volunteer coaches, judges and spotters, without whom these competitions cannot go ahead. Being a small club we are always struggling for numbers so we are immensely grateful for the continued support of our members who show up time and time again to lend a hand and support their club.

Two of our athletes have now qualified for the State Team in at least 2 events. They will now be working hard in the lead up to their next event. Our National Stream athletes will be back in action at the end of April for State Championships.

Congratulations to our three National Stream athletes who competed at the first State Age Trial of 2018. While there were a lot of nerves early on, our athletes did well to push through and post solid routines.

A special congratulations to Olivia T. who placed first in U11 Tumbling and Tully A. who placed third in U13 Tumbling and Double Mini. In addition to placing in their events, Olivia and Tully were also able to qualify for the 2018 State Team during the competition. Anastasia G. competed in the U15 age group however was unable to place in either of her two events.

Congratulations to all of our athletes who competed at todays competition, we look forward to doing it all over again in two weeks for State Age Trial 2!


compb Anastasia, Olivia and Tully at today’s State Age Trial.