CHS Championships.

The Combined High School Championships are an annual event for public high school students held in Gosford at the end of the Term 3 each year. Students compete on behalf of their school and region against other students of the same age from across NSW.

There are four different competitive disciplines on offer at the championships. Athletes have the option of competing in Individual Trampoline, Single Mini, Double Mini and Short Track Tumbling, all running under modified competition rules.

Robert Bull, Head Trampoline Coach at Miranda RSL Youth Club, has held the position of Sydney East Regional Trampoline Co-ordinator for over 20 years. Due to this, the Sydney East regional trial is held at the Youth Club at the start of Term 3 each year.

The 2020 CHS Trampolining competition has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the 2020 Sydney East trial?

To be confirmed.

How do I attend the trial?

To attend the trial you must be a student currently attending a public high school. Speak to your Sports Master or Head of PE for a permission note.

How do I get selected into the Sydney East team?

To be selected, you MUST attend the Regional trial held at the Youth Club at the start of Term 3. Athletes who do not attend the trial for any reason including illness or injury are ineligible for selection.

During the trial, athletes will be assessed on their skill level and given assistance in routine construction by the coaches where needed. In order to qualify for the regional team, you must be able to demonstrate routines of at least Level 3 ability on at least 2 events. Final team selection will be determined by the regional co-ordinator Robert Bull.

What disciplines are there?

Athletes can choose to compete on any or all of the following disciplines: Individual Trampoline, Double Mini, Single Mini and Short Track Tumbling. For more information, check out competition playlist below.

What are the routine requirements?

The routine requirements are as follows:

Trampoline: 1 voluntary routine consisting of 10 different skills.

Double Mini: 2 different voluntary passes.

Single Mini: 3 different voluntary passes.

Short Track Tumbling: 2 different voluntary 5-skill passes.

Routines must be at Level 3 or higher per the Australian Levels Program.

Do I have to compete in every event?

No, however you must compete in at least 2 events in order to be selected for the regional team.

What do I wear?

School tracksuit and PE uniform must be worn in order to attend. Please make sure that you also bring plain white socks to compete in. Competitors may also choose to wear leotard if they wish, this leotard does not need to be from your school or region.

How do I get to Niagara Park for the Championships?

The Sydney East team travels to the competition by charter bus. The bus costs approximately $30 per athlete and leaves from the Endeavour High School bus bay at 6:20am on the morning of the competition.

You are also permitted to travel to the event privately with a parent or guardian.

Who will I be competing against?

Athletes compete against other students from around the state who are in the same age group as them. Age group is determined by how old the athlete is as of the 31st December in the year of competition.

Will I have to attend both days of the competition?

Competition is spread over two days with junior (12 – 14 years girls and boys) and multi class athletes competing on the first day of competition and senior athletes (15 – 17+ girls and boys) competing on the second day.

Junior athletes who place first overall in their age group are asked to return on the second day in order to compete in the Champion of Champions competition against the other overall age champions. While it is strongly encouraged for overall age champions to return, attendance at the Champion of Champions competition is not compulsory.

What time does it finish?

Competition usually finishes around 2pm. After the conclusion of the competition, the team bus will return athletes to the Endeavour High School bus bay.

If you have any further questions about the Combined High School Championships, please contact Robert Bull.

Robert Bull – Regional Co-ordinator

Phone: 9522 0484

Email: rbulls(at)